by: Torbjørn Tyridal
License: Creative Commons by-nc

All usual disclaimers apply. No warranty of any kind provided. follow these advices at your own risk and expense.

Prism7 was a great R/C transmitter from Hitec. It does however have a huge disadvantage: there are no socket for trainer / buddy cable. This simple modification will add a trainer cable socket for the prism7 with just a few wires, a DIN connector, scissors and a solder bolt.

I have chosen to use the snap roll button as the trainer button. (wth was they thinking with a "snap roll" button anyway??)

WARNING: This will void your warranty for the radio. However, it has probably expired anyway.

First we'll need to open the transmitter. Inside we'll see five wires connected from the backplate to the body (main unit) of the transmitter with a connector.
There are three wires going to the radio part: Signal (white), Power (red) and Ground (black). While orange and brown are power from battery / charger.


Or almost, This will prepare the Prism7 to be a master.. If you are afraid of the magic white smoke you may skip the last step (red wire) -But the student transmitter will then require it's own batteries - BE SURE TO REMOVE X-TAL AND ANTENNA TO AVOID TRANSMISSION FROM STUDENT RADIO.

signal&ground pins for prism7

Signal & ground pins for prism7

If you want to use the Prism7 as a student radio, you'll also need:

Finally - Do a throughout test of servo movement, stability and TX range from both master and student transmitter before ignition!


Hitec prism7 trainer plug

Hitec prism7 trainer plug pinout