Various code snippets
Websocket message decoder / unmasker tool
masterpassword chrome (github)
A chrome browser extension implementing Master Password
masterpassword firefox (github)
A firefox browser addon implementing Master Password
php-dlna (github)
A UPnP-av / DLNA media server on top apache (or another web server). written in PHP
GStreamer-vaapi binaries ubuntu 14.04 Trusty amd64
deb packages for ubuntu 14.04, gstreamer-vaapi. haswell hardware video encoding
vaapi library and driver binaries for Ubuntu 14.04 Trusty amd64
deb packages for ubuntu 14.04, vaapi. haswell hardware video encoding
GNU wget v1.15 for OSX Mavericks
A prebuilt binary of wget in a pkg. So you don't have to. (learn how to make OSX pkg's here. And GNU wget source)
Trainer cable - Hitec Prism7 mod
A small surgery on my Hitech Prism7 R/C transmitter to fit a trainer/buddy cable.
How to use the Twister CP radio transmitter as a joystick input for pc simulators. Using an Atmel Tiny AVR microcontroller to sample the signal from the transmitter and bit-bang'ing the usb interface creating a joystick USB HID device.
PS3 Guitar Adapter
Using two Atmel USB microcontrollers to translate between the Rock Band and Guitar Hero 3 guitars, making it possible to use the RB guitar on GH3 and vica versa on PS3.
PPM/PCM R/C transmitter USB interface
Another USB Joystick project to interface a R/C radio transmitter with PC simulators, this time with an Atmel USB capable microcontroller and the Prism7 transmitter.
(chinese) Keyless entry system User's Manual
The user manual to that possibly worth buying keyless entry system / remote kit on ebay.
Reparere Tenningslås på Toyota Corolla 1999 tenningslås
Fixing toyota corolla 1999 ignition switch (Norwegian)
Remap caps-lock to ctrl (Windows)
Never using that pointless key? Exactly - have it behave like ctrl instead. Check out SharpKeys (github) for many more possibilities


A small patch to the linux kernel, making network counters be 64 bit and thus wrapping less often
Remap www forward/back to pageup pagedown (windows)
My thinkpad has these annoying keys for moving backward and forward in the browser history next to the arrow keys. This windows (tested for xp) registry patch, remaps forward/back keys to page up and page down, which are a lot more useful.